Lopster port for Win32
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As you may have guessed, this is the home of a Win32 port of Lopster. For more info, click in the About link.

This port should run on Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003. It may work on Win32s (Win 3.x with Win32 support), but I haven't tested on it yet. And no, it doesn't work on Wine.

Latest version is: Lopster 1.2.2, Win32 port 0.10


WinLop 1.2.2 Win32 0.11 RC1

This is a release candidate for 0.11. For more details, see the ChangeLog and Release Notes at:

Download it at:


WinLop CVS Snapshot 2005-08-11

This is a release candidate. The only reason it wasn't released as 0.11 is that now it has localization (l10n) support. Anyone who wants to volunteer for translations, check the "Translations" page.

Also, now it uses GLib 2.6.6. Some of you using Win9x/ME may notice a "slow" startup; it's a bug inside GLib, that makes it freeze for a few moments when it can't find the %HOME% environment variable; to avoid this issue just add a line like this in your autoexec.bat:

SET HOME=C:\Windows

The pthread and zlib DLLs are also updated.


WinLop CVS Snapshot 2005-04-02

The new snapshot is here:

The release notes and changelog is here:

This release uses GLib 2.6.3. The pthread DLL also changed. This release is more like a release candidate, so you don't need to be afraid to use it.


CVS Snapshot 15/02/2005 released

I just "released" a new version; get it here:

Important notes:
* It uses GLib 2.6.2. This is the "bleeding edge" version, and may be unstable. I didn't notice any problem myself, but if you do, please report it in the forum.
* Some DLLs changed their names; this is because they were updated. e.g. pthreads, ogg, flac, zlib. Watch out for duplicates;
* The sources are on the CVS, this is a binary-only release.
* Read the release notes at
* It is "safe" to overwrite your current winlop setup, but you may end up with unnecessary DLLs. If you don't want this, delete all (or move them) the DLLs in the winlop's root folder, and all the folders except "Complete", "Incomplete" and "config".


WinLop 0.10 released

This 0.10 release corresponds to Lopster 1.2.2. Some more bugs were also fixed, and the upload speed was improved a bit.
As there isn't much thing to do on it anymore, and Lopster 1.2.2 is the final 1.x release, there isn't any planed next release for winlop too. The remaining bugs belong mostly to GTK+ 1.3 (maybe someone can try porting Winlop to use GTK+ 2.0).
There's still an issue about high-speed transfers (>2 MB/s), that I'll try to work out. If I can fix it, there'll be obviously a 0.11 release. If not, any bug-fix will be released as 0.10.x.


WinLop 0.9 released

This release reflects the Lopster 1.2.1 final source.
Almost all bugs (related to the port) are fixed now (the remaining ones are mostly from the GTK+ 1.3 itself). Now that Winlop is much more stable, maybe the 1.0 will only be a simple 'cleanup' (if nobody continues the development of the Lopster 1.x... and I hope nobody continues it :P).


WinLop 0.8 released

WinLop is a port of Lopster, an OpenNap client, for Win32.

A few more bug fixes. The sources were updated with Lopster 1.2.0 dev2, so now the user can configure an "napigator alternative" server like Naplist and Gotnap. The binary release is compiled with Glib 2.4.1 (from Tor's site at\).


WinLop 0.7 released

WinLop is a port of Lopster, an OpenNap client, for Win32.

Many bugs were fixed in this release. The sockets are now handled with completely rewritten functions, that should now fix the previous connections and resources usage problems.