Lopster port for Win32
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This port was first created (1.2.0-Win32-0.1a) by Sid. He is now busy working in another opennap client, AFnap.

I (Daniel K. O.) had already tried to port Lopster once... but the code is really a mess, and soon I got frustrated because it didn't even run. After Sid released the 0.1a, I downloaded it and couldn't make it work (on my Win98 SE) , so I started to look a bit in the code to see if I could fix it. When I released the 0.6 (at Sid offered me the SF project page to host my development.

Somewhere between 0.6 and 0.7 Rama forked his own version, at, but I don't follow his development (it's a version more targeted at italian users).

My intention so far is to only make a reliable port of the original Lopster; not to add features to it (like Rama) or hack it. If anyone is interested in creating a branch in the CVS to add features, or creating add-ons (compiling theme engines, or creating apps to be called by the event script like the 'playsound.exe') and would like to host it on SF, please contact us, so we can set up a developer-access to the CVS.