Lopster port for Win32
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Latest version: Lopster 1.2.2 - Win32 0.10

You can view and get all the files in the download page at The files are in 2 formats, zip and 7z (which is much smaller than zip).

Binary release

This release contains all the files you need to use Winlop.



Sources release

This release contains the sources (to compile winlop yourself) and an executable with debug info. If it crashes, you can use DrMinGW (from the mingwutils package from to see where it crashed, and send the complete crash report to the bugs page. See the Bugs page for more details.


To compile winlop you'll need a C compiler (like Dev-C++/MinGW) and some libs:

You can also get the sources using CVS (hint: get MSYS and MSYS Developer Tool Kit, from