Lopster port for Win32
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Here is the answer for some common questions.

Does Winlop work on Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003?
Yes, it works on all of them. It may even work on Win32s (Win 3.x). It doesn't works on WINE.
Does Winlop connect to WPN (WinMX Peer Network)?
Does Winlop connect to IRC?
Does Winlop support DCC (direct transfers)?
On OpenNap, yes. On IRC, no.
Can I configure Winlop to play sounds when I receive a private message?
Yes, you can configure an external event handler. A JavaScript called "play.js" is included with it, so you can configure your event handler as "wscript play.js". The handler (as the name says) is external. It can't interact with Winlop.
Why the "Ping search results with command" doesn't work?
This isn't an important option anyways, as most users are firewalled and don't pong back.
Why do sometimes I get a black "MS-DOS-like " console window with warning messages written on it?
It means that something inside Winlop or GTK+ went wrong. If Winlop didn't stop working, it's probably an insignificant error, just go to Window -> Close console.
Winlop crashed, and I would like to help fixing it.
Then get the Sources archive, extract the lopster.exe with debug info over your current lopster.exe, and go get Dr MinGW. There are instructions in the Bugs section.
Can Winlop download files with more than 2GB?
No. The original Lopster can't either. And most OpenNap servers available don't recognize files that big.
Your themes are ugly. Where can I get some cool themes?
Go to and FreshMeat and download GTK1 themes. Some of them need "engines" to do the tricks; the engines reside in ./lib/gtk/themes/engines. Some themes need engines that aren't distributed with Winlop, so you have to either compile the engines yourself, or find a binary (dll) using Google.