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Winlop now (i.e. the CVS snapshots) supports localization (aka l10n) through gettext. Please note that those translations may not be 100% complete; feel free to contribute.

For end users: just gett the updated .mo file for your language, and put it in your %WINLOPDIR%\share\locale\%LANGID%\LC_MESSAGES folder - where %WINLOPDIR% is the folder where you extracted Winlop, and %LANGID% is the language code.

Code Language .mo .po Last update Translator(s)
de German (Deutsch) de.po Aug 26, 2005 .:.xelo.:. <x/el(a)g/ *>
et Estonian Eero <ee/rove(a)gm/ail.c/om *>
nl Dutch (Nederlands) nl.po Aug 31, 2005 Brian & Elly <win/lop(a)ro/ *>
pt Portuguese (Português) pt.po Feb 09, 2006 Daniel K. O. <dani/elosmari(a)us/ers.sourc/ *>
tr Turkish tr.po Aug 16, 2005 Burak CAYIR <bura/kcayir(a)us/ers.sourc/ *>
* remove the slashes

For translators: download the template file (below), and poEdit. Then open poEdit, and go to File -> New catalog from POT file. Then fill all the fields you understand in the Settings window (Charset and Source code charset must be UTF-8). Then start translating as much as you can. Then send me (Daniel K. O.) the .po file, so I can update this page and include it in the next release. It's recommended that you also join the winlop-l10n mailing list, so you can get help with the translation and be informed of updates in the template file.

Template file (Feb 09, 2006)